Embracing the Extremes of Virtue and Vice

In a world where being 'mid' is the easy path, it's time to challenge the norm.

The Dilemma of the Mid

Most people strive for balance, walking a tightrope between good and bad. But is this balance truly fulfilling? Or is it just a safe path, devoid of the highs and lows that give life its flavor?

  1. Be anything else,
  2. Be virtuous,
  3. Be devilish,
  4. Better yet,
  5. be both,

Never be neither. Neither is the way of the mid.

Why Not Mid?

Being mid, or average, often means missing out on the essence of life. It's a lukewarm existence, devoid of passion. Mom, and perhaps the universe, urges you not to settle for this.

Don’t be mid. Mom will be sad, if you are a mid.

The Virtue in Vice and Virtue

The Path of Virtue

Living a life of virtue is noble. It's about contributing positively to the world, upholding moral values, and finding contentment in goodness.

The Temptation of Vice

Conversely, a life led with a touch of devilishness is equally fascinating. It's about indulging in the world's temptations, embracing your desires, and experiencing life's guilty pleasures.

The Best of Both Worlds

Why not blend these extremes? Embrace both the light and the dark within you. It's not about being reckless; it's about acknowledging that life is multifaceted.

Better yet, be both, cause fun, but just dont be mid.

Conclusion: The Art of Being Unapologetically You

In the end, the message is clear: Be unapologetically you, whether that's virtuous, devilish, or a mix of both. Just don't be mid. Life's too short for that.